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black dog on my shoulder

the same old motor runs: I ain't no rolling stone

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Birthdate:Oct 30
For starters, I don't have fleas.

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Maraunerds 4 life

4 parts young John Lennon
3 parts John Bender
2 parts Shoebox Project
1 part Animal House.

Interests (47):

all the bacon, avoiding fleas, bacon, bacon bacon, bacon bacon bacon, bacon bacon bacon bacon, being a prat, being uselessly helpful, bromances, buckets of fire whiskey, chasing tennis balls, doggy things, dueling, ear scratchings, eating bacon, extremely rare meat, fireworks, flying motorbikes, full moons, gryffindor, hexes, jack's cooking, james, laying in the sun, licking people, making magical maps, making statues from bacon, marauding left and right, moony wormtail padfoot prongs, more bacon, my heterosexual lifepartner jack, my heterosexual lifepartner james, not getting fleas, punching people's arms, punching snivellus, quidditch, seriously good hair, siriusly good hair, slobbering on good clothes, teasing everyone ever, that sirius joke, the boy's club, the marauders of course, thinking about bacon, tormenting remus slightly, tormenting snivellus completely, your bacon
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